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In collaboration with Soizic Michelot, we started in November 2018 a project for medical student, in Paris, in order to increase emotional competencies in medical training. I truly believed that we need both intelligences emotional and rational intelligence to become a doctor. According the high level of challenge of medical studies, I thought it will be great to propose a program outside of the routine. Thus,  we developed a learning program using an MBSR group (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) for medical student and resident from any age and any university in Paris. It has been made in collaboration with a research program with LaPEA lab and the doctoral school at the CRI.

This project had a financial support from "la fondation Pileje" in 2018 and 2019. We always are looking for new supports to develop more programs that are fully free for students.

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video at Yves Ininahazwe.

photo at Quentin Chevrier


En savoir plus sur le projet et le travail de recherche sous jacent:

On parle de notre projet dans le journal Télérama 1/04/2020.

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